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More Players

Boost Your Game

Get traffic coming from web-games and gaming portals.

More Money

Earn additional Revenue

Place a GameAds banner on your website and receive monthly income.

More Time

Focus On Your Game

Every partner in the system can receive quality and inexpensive traffic for their games.

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About GameAds

Your Partner for
Game Traffic Exchange

Traffic is life, more traffic means more life and more profit from your web-games. GameAds increases your game traffic by taking away those who have already had enough of it and attracting those for who are new to your game. The only cross-promo system in the web-games niche featuring a smart banner rotator, geolocation, anti-fraud and three ways of participation for the partner: exchanging, buying and selling in-game traffic.


Exchange traffic

Players who have grown tired of playing your game click the GameAds banner and move on to another game. At the same time, players from other games switch to yours.

sell traffic

Sell traffic

Place a GameAds banner on your website and receive monthly income. The banner takes up little space and is strictly gaming-oriented, no adult or gambling-related content.

buy traffic

Buy traffic

Receive traffic from other games through GameAds. Favorable prices, targeted traffic coming from web-games and gaming portals, all calculations take geolocation into account.

Why Work With Us

GameAds is created by game developers for game developers.

Lots of traffic

GameAds has about 4 million impressions per day (as of November 2020).


GameAds is a flexible system that allows the game owner to exchange, buy and sell traffic.


GameAds is an intricate system that takes a lot of details into account in order to show the banners effectively.


GameAds takes geo into account. You don`t exchange 10 clicks of your Tier 1 traffic for 10 clicks from Tier 3 countries. Different places have diffrent prices.

Manual Moderation

GameAds is manual-moderation of websites and creative elements. We do not work with adult and gambling-related content.


GameAds works quickly and doesn`t affect loading times of your site. Creative elements are loaded asynchronously.

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